ProChain Technologies delivers the entire spectrum of eBook solutions from conversion to distribution and marketing. The astute combination of technology and human competency facilitates extensive customization of eBook requirements in terms of validation tools, automated client unique coding requirements, and enhanced interactive features. The potential to handle heavy volumes of ebooks and our ability to cater to custom requirements have made Versatile your go-to experts for all you ebook needs. We are thus your epub to mobi conversion partners, your intelligent technology support to create enhanced and interactive ebooks, your ebook conversion partner for backlist titles, and much more.


Reflowable eBooks are ideal for standard layouts, delivering extensive choices in functionality, supporting seamless reading experiences, and facilitating extensive marketing and distribution options.

  • Reflowable ePUB 2/3.
  • Amazon MOBI.
  • ePUB2 and ePUB3 Conversion.


EBooks that need to replicate the print PDF’s look and feel, Fixed Layouts are popular options for image-heavy content where preserving the content format is priority. Fixed Layouts also support interactive features, including animation, video, and audio formats.

  • Apple iBooks.
  • Barnes & Noble NOOK.
  • Google Play Books.


ProChain Technologies epub production service incorporates enhanced capabilities within the eBooks, including rich interactive elements in fixed layouts that transform content into interesting formats for an engaging and participative reading experience.

  • Interactivity.
  • Audio/Video.
  • Read Aloud.
  • Animation.
  • Alt Text.
  • Accessibility.
  • MathML/ SVG.


Benefit from the astute potential of eBook conversion in transforming comics and graphics-heavy content into multiple digital formats, supporting a guided navigation experience and incorporating images of multiple formats.

  • Kindle Comic PanelView.
  • Nook Comics for Barnes & Noble.


iBooks Author overcomes every limitation of other eBook creation approaches. The extensive options in formatting, layout, and designs, as well as interactive features such as animation, embedded media, and extensive interaction between text and narration make iBooks Author the ideal option for non-fiction content in fixed layout format.

  • Animation.
  • Widget.
  • iBookStore Publishing.

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